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The journey in London

Journey to London from Kuala Lumpur takes approximately 12-13 hours of air flight. My mum bought the air ticket like a year ago and it was Rm 715 inclusive 2 international meals. Pretty good deal huh? Yeap, there is always ‘Udang di sebalik batu’ or a catch in this kinda cheap stuff. 

1. Isle are very narrow 
2. The seating are small
3. Not much Leng Lui flight attendant
4. The flight shakes alot

I had barely anything to do except sleep on the plane. If I were to stay awake, I feel quite nausea. When I successfully checkout from the Stanstead Airport, it was already 10.20pm which I planned to overnight in the Airport. The pain in the ass is that there are no free wireless internet connection which makes even harder for me to contact back to Malaysia. The only option is to SMS which cost about RM2.00. Donny a classmate in undergrad had the same flight and he too plan to overnight in the airport. So this makes a lot easier when we wanna go for toilet or walk around. Till the next day, he took a train to Nottingham while I took a coach to Heathrow Airport which subsequently meet up with my Aunt.