Because it was grassy and wanted wear


Aberdeen Freshers Week

Ever since I am in Aberdeen, it has been great with activities. Almost every single day when I arrived, I had a little task up on my schedule such as getting done my University documents, meetings with advisers, buying the required stuff and etc. But it was not all about work as having a social life has great importance to me. The first day I came, I met a lot of awesome people like my flatmates. Although there were just 3 of us, Gabriel my American flatmate and Theron my China flatmate are really getting things together. 

Surprisingly, I went to church for a few times for this week. Although I’m a free thinker, I do not really restrict myself to join the church activities and it was really great fun. I enjoyed the most for Ceilidh dance which is the traditional Scottish dance but too bad I didn’t record it. 

Well, quite a good start for me and everything seems to be going smoothly. This coming Tuesday would be a first lecture and like many others I am really enthusiast for the coming studies.