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A lonely journey..

Why does the post sound so melancholic? Out of 27.6 million Malaysians there will be less than 100 of them in University Of Aberdeen and soon I will be one of them. I had checked the university list of society but there are non for Malaysian Society. Close to it was International society, Thai Society and also Chinese society. Furthermore I tried many ways to search and even googled for Malaysian in Aberdeen and all I got was Malaysian Student Aberdeen Association (MSAA) and also its Facebook group which lack of updates. After you had click on the links, you could imagine how inactive Malaysians were there. I shall be telling with a sigh..

Well, I had already received my offer letter from University of Manchester but why  did I chose University of Aberdeen instead of Manchester? Firstly, there were my cousin sister who is working in Qatar for an oil and gas recruitment firm. She strongly quote that University of Aberdeen is the best place and most O&G recruiter would dig them out. Aberdeen is located in a major oil hub near the north sea and Aberdeen has very good record for Engineers in the industry.

But the main influence is still the poem “The road not taken” by Robert Frost. His ideology to me were very inspiring. If anyone who had not read about it, click here to read. The message behind the poem is about him (Robert Frost) who had looked into his past life making a life changing decision to choose which career he wanted to be in. He chose the less people had gone through career (Poet) and in the end he gain reputable recognition and success with his poem. It relates because I am not studying Oil and Gas engineering but Safety and Reliability Engineering. The obvious majority choice would be Oil and Gas Engineering but I took the other. 

So what is Safety and Reliability Engineering? To my fellow engineers who are reading, it is a set of advance Safety Engineering that you might had learn. FMEA, HAZOP, HAZID, human factors and etcs. Surely, I do not fully understand about it yet but its certainly about preventing or reducing the disasters risk in industries such as explosion, fire, poisonous gas leakage, lost of products or etc. This course is pretty unique with its strategic Aberdeen location, it has a dip in oil and gas industry.

The feeling of going to this new place were simply mixed up. Perhaps this is one of the most crazy decision that I had ever made in my life. Going to an unknown place without friends, non familiarize society, 10,000 km away from home, doing everything thing by my own, being the minority or even being the only Malaysian in classes!

At least Frodo has Sam to accompany him to Mount Doom.

On the contrary, I believe this is a very adventurous chapter in my life. The one thing I’m looking forward is to make decent amount of friends there and hopefully I’m not portraying the kind of weirdo to them. Although my main purpose there which is for education purpose and getting a Master, I am eager to have fun and experience the independent live style in western country. Lets just hope it brings more pros than cons in the coming months.